Nail Design Menu

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Hand Care:

Manicure  – $20

File and Shape nails, clean cuticles and polish

Gel Manicure – $30

(+$5 for polish removal)

A manicure with gel polish. Polish that won’t chip, smudge, crack or peel for a full 2- weeks.       (Shellac like)

Hard (liquid) Gel Overlay – $40

Hard (liquid) Gel Overlay with Tips –

Hard (liquid) Gel Fill-in – $33


Foot Care:


Mini Pedicure – $25

Just the toes: trim, shape, clean cuticle and polish

Spa Pedicure – $35

Mini pedicure plus: callous reduction, exfoliating scrub, warm towels, hydrating massage and polish.

Deluxe Pedicure- $50

Basic pedicure plus: Concentration on cracked heels and peeling skin with intense moisturizing using medically acclaimed cream, paraffin dip and medical grade glue to seal heel fissures                              (so they can heal!).


Additional Nail Services


Remove Gel Polish with other services – $5

Remove Gel Polish without other services – $10

Paraffin treatment – $7    

French Polish – $5

Clip/File Toenails – $12

Polish Change (includes filing/Shaping) – $12

Nail Art – 2 for $5